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I have decades of experience working with and for people experiencing or dealing with issues surrounding alcohol and substance misuse. As an assessment worker dealIng with mental health issues for MIND a significant element of my workload involved group work and counselling. My experience working for the NHS as a person centred counsellor for the IAPT Service (improving access to physiological therapy) for people in need with a range of issues from eating disorders to compulsive behaviour disorders.

I have a degree in addiction counselling ( Leicester university) And am also a person centred therapist (Warwick college)BACP, CBT and MI trained.

Over the course of many years we develop patterns of thinking and behaviour which effects how we respond to people. Counselling helps you to see things differently and perhaps enable you to affect positive change in your life.

We understand that we're we're not always happy with feeling that we would like to change but being helpless to do so. Cognative Behaviour Therapy (CBT) helps use change our cognitive thought process to enable a better understand of ourselves. CBT can also help us to overcome fears and frustrations that may hinder our life, the therapy helps us to explore and better understand ourselves and how and why we react the way we do in any given situation either alone or around others.

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